Selected Discography


Dead Horse Beats has delivered a new full-length album entitled Inglaterra. The Montreal-based producer and multi-instrumentalist A.K.A. Patrick Wade has put forth a new batch of songs via Bastard Jazz that features his signature spacey grooves and an increased focus on lyricism. Drawing stylistic inspiration from the legacy of soul music from the 1970s to today, DHB named the album after the Spanish word for England as a nod to the country’s culture and cloudy climate and the music follows suit. In addition to offering a plethora of laid back, fuzzy beats on Inglaterra, DHB covers the majority of the vocals on the album. His vocal delivery is understated but soulful and with his vulnerable lyrics, it provides a fitting addition to his production aesthetic. 



Bad Hopes EP

A four song EP released through Brooklyn’s Bastard Jazz Recordings, Bad Hopes is a mixture of soul music and R&B mixed with hip hop and dancefloor influences. Available digitally and as a 12”.

“The Bad Hopes EP is a groovy four-song treasure packed with the excitement and emotion of a danceclub makeout session. The lyrics point to underlying pessimism, but there's some good old fashioned love in there, too. Or at least lust: "I'm just trying to take it slowly, and I need you right now. I'm mad about you," Dead Horse Beats sings on "Young Ruins." We need you, Dead Horse Beats. We need you.”


Where Is My Other Half?

“There’s so much to love about Tim Maia’s version of this song: His crackling falsetto navigating the old organs, the bass groove, and the horns,” says twenty-seven-year-old Canadian producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer Patrick Wade, who goes by the stage name Dead Horse Beats. Bastard Jazz is releasing his new album later this year, but you can cop this cover now


Thinking of You

“Sway your head from left to right as you swoon over this track that puts forth the strong vocals layered with sprinkles of progressive synths and percussions that will make you feel some type of way. It's a great track to listen to on your daily commute, as it will give you the chance to escape reality for a bit and come back refreshed and inspired to love.”

-IX Daily 

Single People

Influenced by a breakup, the first DHB album to rely largely on live instrumentation and vocals as well as samples.

“Even though he’s from Canada, he sounds like he is straight out of the Los Angeles beat scene, made popular by Shlohmo and Flying Lotus (diving deep down, you can definitely hear some bits and pieces inspired by famed hip-hop beat makers J Dilla and J Roc too). I can hear some Flume and Bonobo stuff in there too, along with some xx-inspired guitar riffs in the song “Mile End.” But the true standout here is how Wade is really able to take these different elements and make them into his own. It is clear that Dead Horse Beats is a product of these different music scenes, but he is able to stitch them all together effectively to make a completely new sound that is uniquely his own.”



2014 mix comprised of 60+ sounds, solos and voices from the grooves of American Gospel Music history.

“The Dartmouth, Nova Scotian beatmaker, Dead Horse Beats brilliantly chops up old gospel soul records and adds his own elements of self-recorded banjo, guitar, harmonica, synths & organ sections.  The end result is a little bit of hip-hop mixed in with copious amounts of Southern soul.”


Campfire Sessions EP

Recorded summer 2013 in Jasper National Park.

 “Dead Horse Beats is a Canadian artist who is not afraid to experiment and draw samples from way back in music history. He like others has found that electronic/instrumental music tastes better with female vocals. "All Night Long" is an absolutely mesmerizing song due to both the great composition and usage of beats and the female voice, lost in reverie. Turn off the lights, light up some candles and listen to this and the rest of the Campfire Sessions EP songs.”